TABA (Together-and-By-Association)

Dear Year 3 IP students & Parent / Guardian

 Year 3 TABA Day, 2019

St Joseph’s Institution, being a Lasallian school, places great emphasis on the value of community.  ‘Together-and-by-Association (TABA) is one of the maxims that the De La Salle Brothers live by and this permeates the life of the school. School is a not just a place for a young person to acquire knowledge.  It is also a place where a young person learns how to relate and work with others.  As your son journeys through the adolescent stage of development, there is also a stronger need for affiliation for him.  Recognizing this, the school has in place the Year 3 TABA Day to help students become better adjusted with their new class and to help them become more engaged with school life. This will hopefully translate into good behaviour and good academic performance. 

Every Year 3 student of St Joseph’s Institution will participate in TABA. The objective of the activity is to assist your son to become quickly adjusted to his new class.  During TABA, students will get a chance to know one another and build the community of the class.  Their Class Tutors, 2 per class, will be with them to facilitate the camp activities.  

 Details of TABA Day:

Venue: Sentosa

Dates: 17 January 2019, Thursday

Reporting time and venue: 0720h, School Foyer

End time and venue: 1630h, Vivocity – Monorail Station

Cost: $30 per student

You will be issued the Letters to parents and the Notice form. Kindly complete and submit the Notice Form to the form-tutor on the 10th  January 2019. Attendance is compulsory.