Year 3 Time Table & Order of Day (1st Day)

Dear Year 3 IP students,

Attached below is the time table for Year 3. 

1st Day of School Matters
Class Time-table - Term 1, 2019. 

0715 hrs onwards - Attendance Taking. All students to report to respective class
0730 hrs - Class Admin 
0745 hrs - Collection of School Diary. Each class to send 2x student to collect school diary from Student Services Office.
0815 hrs - Preparation for Assembly. Each class to send 2x student to track to prepare for assembly.
0830 hrs - Movement to Assembly. Classes to wait for announcement to move to track for assembly by fraternity. 
0840 hrs - Assembly
0900 hrs - End of Assembly. Movement back to class
0910 hrs - Class Admin
0950 hrs onwards - Normal time-table 

Lim Eng Kong (SJI),
Jan 6, 2019, 10:01 PM