A note from Director of Academics (DOA)

Dear Year 3 IP students (and parents),

Good day to you!

I hope you had a good break and rested well. I am sure you were looking forward to meeting your friends and getting to know new friends in your class. Some of the students might have difficulties taking the first step to say hello, so I would like to appeal to those who are more sociable to reach out to them and be a good friend and true Josephian!

In the same way, all, if not, most of the upper secondary teachers are new to you. You will need time to adapt to their teaching style and might even wonder why some do not ‘hand-hold’ you as much as your lower secondary teachers. Indulge me as I use an analogy to explain what is happening: When you were young, your parents would hold your hands and help you to learn how to walk. As you grow older, they would watch over you and catch you when you fall. But as you progress, they would let you explore freely because you desire to run, swim, skate etc. on your own. Needless to say, they are always ever ready to support you when you need them. In the same manner, through these next 2 years in upper secondary IP, we are slowly letting go of your hands and would encourage you to explore more. When you reach the IB years, we will set you free yet we be there when you need us.

You are beginning to see some changes for the assessment and IP curriculum at upper secondary level. I will not go into the details as that will be shared with you in due time. I do want to stress on academic honesty over the course of your studies in SJI. Copying from your friend is considered dishonesty – no matter if the agreement is reached. Taking quotes/ phrases that don’t belong to you and not citing relevant sources is not right. We treat each case of dishonesty very seriously so I want you to bear this in your mind as you progress through the year.

I forgot to introduce myself. I am Miss Christina Leong, the Director of Academics during your IP journey. You will probably see my emails more than you will see me in person (especially in the next 5 months as I am away on course), so please feel free to reach out to me via email at chrisleong@sji.edu.sg if you have any academic related questions or matters you would like to know. If you need to reach out to someone in school, Ms Annie Wong (annie.wong@sji.edu.sg) is covering my duties during the time I am away. You can approach her if needed.

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a word for the term: Independence

Learning new subjects, getting to know new friends, being leaders in your CCAs etc. will require you to be an independent learner. You will have more choices and voice to decide on your research topics, questions for coursework etc.. So, do think about:

- What does it mean to be self-directed learners?

- Can you be more independent and seek help only when you have tried your best and/or when needed?

- How do you remain respectful with your new-found freedom?

Have a wonderful Term 1 and God Bless!

Ora Et Labora!

Miss Leong

[27 Jan 2022] Academic Briefing (by Director of Academics)

20220127 Year 3 DOA Level Briefing.pdf