(18 Jan 2021) Character Strengths Survey

Hi people!

As mentioned in the Level Meeting today, I would strongly encourage all of you to take the VIA character strength survey. This classification of strengths is grounded in extensive research.

With an indication of your personal strengths, it'll be easier to answer an important question posed to all of us by Fr Adrian at the start of the year - "What gifts do you bring to SJI?".

It'll also help us to understand our classmates and CCA mates better and to work towards each of us giving our best through our signature strengths.

Do the survey and have a discussion with your classmates and your FTs!


(12 Jan 2021) TABA Programme Details for Year 3 students

The TABA programme will be conducted by your Form Teachers at various venues in school.

This programme is planned for you to connect with your new classmates that you may journey together over the next 2 years together and by association.

As you grow to be a community builder, we hope that you will maintain the following dispositions during the programme:

· Driven by passion

· Reflective

· People-centred

TABA Day (Friday, 15 January 2021)

Time: 8am to 1.30pm

There will be no academic lessons for the Year 3s on that day.

Do have the following items with you:

1. Sufficient money for tea break and lunch

2. Water bottle

3. Thermometer

4. Pen

TABA Paraliturgy (Tuesday, 19 January 2021)

Time: 12.30am to 2.30pm

Academic lessons will end at 12.30pm on that day.

There will be a break from 12.30pm to 1.00pm before the start of the Paralitugy.

(7 Jan 2021) Important Updates about Returning to School on 11 January 2021

20210106-Important Updates about Returning to School on 11 January 2021.pdf

(7 Jan 2021) Recess Arrangements for 2021

Hi all, with the SMMs in place, please note the arrangements for recess this year:

  • Year 1 and Year 3 – Recesses to be in classrooms

  • Year 2 and Year 4 – Recesses to be in the canteen

  • All levels will swap on a monthly basis, i.e. In Feb: Years 1 and 3 will be at the canteen

  • This is to manage the crowds and to spread out seating in view of Safe Management measures.

  • There will a temporary tentage at The Oval put up to increase the space that students have for recess.

(6 Jan 2021) First Day of School (11 Jan 2021, Monday)

All Year 3 students are to report directly to class by 7.25am on Monday, 11 Jan 2021. Your Form Teachers will be on hand to welcome you.

As we start the year well, please be reminded of the following:

  • Have a proper haircut, check your uniforms and white shoes & socks, stationary etc.

  • Download TraceTogether app onto your handphone.

  • Remember to bring your thermometers.

  • Have a spare umbrella ready, to share with someone in need. :)

After the introductory briefings, the regular timetable will begin at 9.10am.

(15 Dec 2020) SJI Car Decal for 2021

H. 2021 Car Decal - letter to parents.pdf