(29 Mar 2021) Holy Thursday Mass on 1 April, 5.00 pm

An announcement from HOD PE/CCA:

Maundy Thursday is on 1 April 2021.

We will be having Holy Thursday Mass on 1 April, 5 pm. As such, all CCAs and CASes have to end their sessions by 4.30 pm.

(19 Mar 2021) Term 2 Updates

20210319-T2_Blended Learning_PDLP.pdf

(4 Mar 2021) e-Learning Day Information and Instructions for Friday, 12 March 2021

An important message from Mr Alan Chan, Director of Learning (OPAM) and HOD (ICT)

Dear Parents and Students,

With reference to the school calendar, 12 March 2021 (Friday) is designated the Lasallian Formation Day, which is held in conjunction with Lasallian e-Learning Day.

On this day, students will not be required to report to school, but learning will continue through online lessons and activities.

Subject teachers have prepared online lessons and resources (discussion forum, quiz, videos, tutorials, assignments, learning packages, etc.) for students to access from home.

Students are to complete the planned e-Learning activities before the deadline given by the respective subject teachers.

General instructions for Lasallian e-Learning Day can be found on the respective level websites.

1.0 e-Learning Day Information & Instructions:

Students are advised to check your respective level websites for the Instructions and Resources Sheet and your SJI email accounts for up-to-date information leading up to e-Learning Day.

1.1 Level websites: Please refer to your respective level websites for e-Learning Day Information at

1.2a Instructions and Resources Sheet (Year 1-4): A summary (by Level and by Class) of the e-Learning instructions and resources for students will be disseminated via

the Instructions and Resources Sheet from Thursday, 12 March '20, 3.00pm onwards. This Google Spreadsheet contains the subjects which have uploaded

resources for students to work on during e-Learning Day. Students will have to access and complete all work stated in this Instructions and Resources Sheet

by the deadline given from your respective subject teachers. Please consult your respective subject teachers on the proposed deadline for work submission.

1.2b Instructions and Resources (Year 5-6): For Year 5 and Year 6 students: Please login to Managebac or Google Classroom, and instructions (by your subject teachers) are provided within.

Please approach your subject teacher(s) if you require further clarifications.

2.0 e-Learning Platforms

Students are advised to check with your subject teacher(s) which e-Learning platforms/online applications (e.g. Google Classroom, Student Learning Space (SLS), Managebac, Ace Learning, etc.)

you will be using during e-Learning Day, and ensure that you can log in to the relevant platforms/applications.

2.1 Student guide for Google Classroom is provided below for your reference.

Google Classroom:

Note: If your class is using Google Classroom, kindly ensure that you are able to log in to Google Classroom prior to e-Learning Day.

PDF Guide to access Google Classroom

2.2 Student guides for Student Learning Space (SLS) are provided below for your reference.

Student Learning Space:

Online SLS User Guide:

Online SLS User Guide for Students:

3.0 Technical Support

3.1 For SJI email account issues, please approach our system administrators in the ICT Office (Blk F2-7) to resolve the issues before Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 5:00 PM.

You may experience login/access issues during e-Learning Day if you do not resolve this earlier.

3.2 For learning management systems related issues (i.e. Managebac and SLS), please approach and/or email Mr. Angelo Agujo (, before Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 5:00 PM.

3.3 For issues with other platforms (e.g. Google Classroom, Ace Learning, etc.), please consult your subject teacher(s).

3.4 Students who do not have access to a computer/laptop at home can loan a school-owned laptop from the ICT Department on e-Learning Day.

However, as the number of school-owned laptops are limited, the availability of these laptops is on a first come first serve basis.

If you require to loan a school-owned laptop, please email your request to IT Care ( by Tuesday, 9 March '21, 3.00pm.

Collection of the laptop will be on Thursday, 11 March '21 between 12.00pm - 4.00pm.

Thank you and have a fruitful e-Learning Day on 12 March 2021.

20210302-March updates.pdf

(3 Mar 2021) Announcement: eLearning Day and March Holidays

2021 Teacher recommendation form.pdf

(3 Mar 2021) Student Council Application

A message from the Student Council:

Hello Year 3s!

The 11th Student Council Election is around the corner and to all those that have a passion to serve your community, look no further. If you are full of creative ideas that will enhance the wellbeing of the Josephian, do join the Student Council as a councilor or Fraternity Captain. If you are keen to join the Fraternity executive committee, please fill in the form as well.

Please submit the google form by 12th March 2021, Friday, 2330hrs, as it will be closed punctually.

You will also need to print the attached teachers’ recommendation form and pass them to two teachers for their endorsement. You can approach your subject tutor, form tutor, lower secondary form tutor or CCA teacher to ask for an endorsement.

Please let your teachers know that the completed form can be passed to Mr Chong Chow Wee or Ms Wong Kah Yan by 11th March 2021, Thursday.

The teacher should not return the completed endorsement form to you.

Successful applicants shortlisted to progress to the next stage of the campaign will be notified through email.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to approach any of the councillors.

On behalf of the 10th SJI Student Council, we wish you all the best!

For enquiries, see Miss Wong Kah Yan ( or Mr Chong Chow Wee (

(1 Mar 2021) Briefing by DoA (Promotion Criteria and Blended Learning)

20210301 Briefing by DoA (Year 3 Level Meeting).pdf

(21 Feb 2021) Photo-taking schedule and instructions

LE302 24 Feb, 12.50pm, LT1
FN302 24 Feb, 12.50pm, PAC
MN303 2 Mar, 9.30am, LT1
ML301 2 Mar, 10.10am, LT1

Each photo-taking venue will have no more than 50 pax at any 1 time.

All students from the class will have to come at the scheduled timeslot. Class Chairperson and Subject Teacher are to ensure that all members of the class report at the correct venue at the scheduled timeslot punctually. If your lesson is being scheduled for photography, Subject Teacher is to chaperone the class to the photo-taking venue for photography.

Class Chairperson and Subject Teacher are to inform the photographer if there are any absentees on that day.

Class Chairperson and Subject Teacher are to ensure at least 1m safe distancing amongst class members within the venue during the scheduled photo-taking.

All students will have their photos taken according to their serial number in the class register.

All students/staff NEED to wear their mask until it is their turn to take photo. They do not need to wear mask when they are taking photo.

All students have to be in full uniform with ties for the photo-taking session. Student leaders and councillors have to be attired in the school blazers for the photo-taking.

Boys should be cleanly shaven, with no facial hair (eg no beards or moustache). Students should have the appropriate haircut as stipulated in school diary (pg 74).

No jewellery allowed for all students except for a pair of simple ear-studs for female students. Ornamental accessories (wristbands, friendship bands, bracelets etc) are not allowed.

Photos will be taken as individual portraits, not in groups. There will be THREE (3) half-body photos taken per student.

The first 2 photos are formal shots for class and CCA/CAS; the 3rd photo is a fun shot where student/staff can take their photo within a 'frame' provided by the vendor. Student/staff are to sanitise their hands before touching the frame.

Students can bring along 1 prop/item that represents their CCA/CAS for their photo. This photo will be used for their CCA/CAS montage.

All photos will be available for online ordering. More details will be provided at a later date.

(10 Feb 2021) [IMPT!] Students flouting Safe Management and Social Distancing Guidelines in Public

A reminder from Head of Discipline, Mr Mohamad Syaifudin Bin Ahmad:

Dear Josephians,

With the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, please ensure that you continue to exercise social responsibility in and out of school. We would like to remind you that disciplinary measures will be taken against youths who flout safe management and social distancing guidelines in public. Below are the disciplinary actions that will be taken by the Safe Distancing Enforcement Agencies and also the school:

Disciplinary Actions Taken by Safe Distancing Enforcement Agencies:

- 1st & 2nd Offence: Warning issued

- 3rd & subsequent Offence: Fine of $300; higher fines and prosecution for subsequent offences

Disciplinary Actions Taken by SJI (once the names are submitted to the school):

- 1st Offence: Yellow (Cat 1 Offence) Form will be issued to students

- 2nd and Subsequent Offence: Pink (Cat 2 Offence) Form will be issued to students

- All offences (1st offence onwards) will be recorded in MOE’s School Offence Module (MOE's Disciplinary Records)

Our school takes a serious view on the above matter. Please ensure that you practice social responsibility and comply with the National Guidelines with regards to Safe Management.

Wear your masks at all times. The maximum limit per group is 8 and groups must not intermingle with one another.

As Principled Josephians who are Community Builders, we believe that each and everyone of you are able to fulfil your duty as a Josephian, and also as a Singaporean in ensuring our Community is able to get through this pandemic together.

(10 Feb 2021) [Reminder] Purchase of Graphic Display Calculators on Friday, 19 Feb 2021

This is a reminder that Learning Interactive Pte Ltd will be in school on 19 Feb 2021 (Friday) to facilitate your purchase of the Graphic Display Calculators for use during your Math lessons. The model sold is the TI-Nspire CXII.

To ease the purchase process, you are strongly encouraged to pay with a cheque addressed to "Learning Interactive Pte Ltd" with your name, class and contact number written at the back of the cheque.

Payment by cash is possible on-site - please bring exact change.

Refer to the email from Mrs Amy Chua dated 18 Jan 2021 for more information.

20210204 Sem 1 Canteen Seating Plan (Final).pdf

(4 Feb 2021) Updated Canteen/Foyer seating plan during recess

Please see attached for the final canteen seating plan which will be effective from Monday, 8 Feb 2021.

With the implementation of a designated recess venue for Y1 to Y4 students where you will swap between the canteen/foyer and homeroom on a monthly basis, the school now has sufficient tables and chairs to fit all levels at either the canteen or the foyer area. As such, the temporary tentage at The Oval will be removed by the end of this week.

Class labels have been pasted at the side of each table to indicate where you should sit during your recess at the canteen/foyer. Reminders to do the right thing have also been posted.

You are reminded to remain at their designated seats during recess breaks for these reasons:

1) to facilitate contact tracing for recesses;

2) to minimize intermingling as much as we can and to the best of our efforts; and

3) to ensure a safe distance between individuals.

Please do your part to help all of us make SJI a safe place for everyone.

(1 Feb 2021) Inaugural Assembly and Early Dismissal on Friday, 5 Jan 2021

20210201-Inaugural Assembly.pdf

(1 Feb 2021) Reminder from LTA and Traffic Police (first issued on 21 Oct 2020)

20201021-LTA-TP joint letter-traffic.pdf

(28 Jan 2021) Singapore Mathematical Society Lecture Series 2021

Please let your Math teacher know if you would like to sign up for this. This should be done by 5 Feb 2021.

We would strongly recommend that you attend for exposure to Maths Models and the process used by scientists and mathematicians to derive them.

These models are used by decision-makers to decide on their course of action.

Poster-SMS Lecture Series Alex Cook.pdf

(26 Jan 2021) National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) 2021

The Year 3 cohort in 2021 will be embarking on the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) programme, working towards a Silver Award. In addition, fulfilling the requirements of the award would help students attain Level 3 in the Leadership component of LEAPS 2.0. This is a step towards building their personal value and leading to a robust portfolio.

Please refer to the letter below for more information. A hard copy and an individualised Edusave withdrawal form have been distributed to parents and guardians through Year 3 Josephians.

20210119-NYAA parent letter.pdf

(24 Jan 2021) MOF Singapore Budget 2021 Quiz

The Singapore Budget 2021 Quiz was launched on 11 Jan (Mon) and ends on 29 Jan (Fri).

The Budget Quiz introduces you to the Budget process, recent government policies and other interesting facts about the Singapore Budget.

Scan the QR code to participate in the Quiz now!

Points to note

Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute and Institutes of Technical Education/Polytechnics/Autonomous Universities with the highest number of students participating in the Quiz (and registering their details) will be awarded challenge trophies. Students may check the live update of the top five schools in each category with the most participants upon completion of the Quiz and registering. Students themselves will also stand a chance to receive individual prizes through a final draw upon the completion of the Budget 2021 Quiz

There is no limit to the number of attempts for the Quiz, but each student/ participant will only be eligible for one chance at the final draw.

Best Regards,

MOF Budget Quiz Team

(18 Jan 2021) Character Strengths Survey

Hi people!

As mentioned in the Level Meeting today, I would strongly encourage all of you to take the VIA character strength survey. This classification of strengths is grounded in extensive research.

With an indication of your personal strengths, it'll be easier to answer an important question posed to all of us by Fr Adrian at the start of the year - "What gifts do you bring to SJI?".

It'll also help us to understand our classmates and CCA mates better and to work towards each of us giving our best through our signature strengths.

Do the survey and have a discussion with your classmates and your FTs!


(12 Jan 2021) TABA Programme Details for Year 3 students

The TABA programme will be conducted by your Form Teachers at various venues in school.

This programme is planned for you to connect with your new classmates that you may journey together over the next 2 years together and by association.

As you grow to be a community builder, we hope that you will maintain the following dispositions during the programme:

· Driven by passion

· Reflective

· People-centred

TABA Day (Friday, 15 January 2021)

Time: 8am to 1.30pm

There will be no academic lessons for the Year 3s on that day.

Do have the following items with you:

1. Sufficient money for tea break and lunch

2. Water bottle

3. Thermometer

4. Pen

TABA Paraliturgy (Tuesday, 19 January 2021)

Time: 12.30am to 2.30pm

Academic lessons will end at 12.30pm on that day.

There will be a break from 12.30pm to 1.00pm before the start of the Paralitugy.

(7 Jan 2021) Important Updates about Returning to School on 11 January 2021

20210106-Important Updates about Returning to School on 11 January 2021.pdf

(7 Jan 2021) Recess Arrangements for 2021

Hi all, with the SMMs in place, please note the arrangements for recess this year:

  • Year 1 and Year 3 – Recesses to be in classrooms

  • Year 2 and Year 4 – Recesses to be in the canteen

  • All levels will swap on a monthly basis, i.e. In Feb: Years 1 and 3 will be at the canteen

  • This is to manage the crowds and to spread out seating in view of Safe Management measures.

  • There will a temporary tentage at The Oval put up to increase the space that students have for recess.

(6 Jan 2021) First Day of School (11 Jan 2021, Monday)

All Year 3 students are to report directly to class by 7.25am on Monday, 11 Jan 2021. Your Form Teachers will be on hand to welcome you.

As we start the year well, please be reminded of the following:

  • Have a proper haircut, check your uniforms and white shoes & socks, stationary etc.

  • Download TraceTogether app onto your handphone.

  • Remember to bring your thermometers.

  • Have a spare umbrella ready, to share with someone in need. :)

After the introductory briefings, the regular timetable will begin at 9.10am.

(15 Dec 2020) SJI Car Decal for 2021

H. 2021 Car Decal - letter to parents.pdf