[25 Mar 2022] Slides from Year 3 IP Parents' Briefing

Thank you for attending the briefing, please see the slides presented by the speakers below.

20220325 Year3IP Parents' briefing (website).pdf

[27 Feb 2022] Morning check-ins for Blended Learning Days discontinued

With immediate effect, morning check-ins for Blended Learning (BL) Days will no longer take place. This will allow students to demonstrate independence and self-directedness by planning their own schedule for BL Days. Students are reminded that they are expected to complete all assigned Blended Learning tasks.

[27 Jan 2022] CNY Celebrations on 31/1/22 (Monday)


[13 Jan 2022] TABA Programme Details for Year 3 students

The TABA programme and Paraliturgy will be conducted by your Form Teachers at various venues in school.

This programme is planned for you to connect with your new classmates that you may journey together over the next 2 years together and by association.

As you grow to be a community builder, we hope that you will maintain the following dispositions during the programme:

· Driven by passion

· Reflective

· People-centred

· Community Builder

TABA Day (Monday, 17 January 2022)

Time: 8am to 2.30pm

The attire of the day is SJI PE Attire.

There will be no academic lessons for the Year 3s on that day.

Do have the following items with you:

1. Sufficient money for tea break and lunch

2. Water bottle

3. Thermometer

4. TraceTogether token

5. Pen

[12 Jan 2022] Level Assembly Slides

20220112 Level AssemblyYear 3.pdf

Please note that Signum Fidei (SF) lessons on Wednesdays which are timetabled from 12.30 to 1.50pm will only commence in Term 1 Week 6, 9 Feb 2022. Students will be dismissed at 12.30pm on Wednesdays on 12, 19 and 26 Jan 2022.

Just to share more about the SF programme - this is an integrated curriculum that allows students to demonstrate interdisciplinary understanding when they integrate knowledge and modes of thinking. In Y3 IP, students will learn the theoretical underpinning to design thinking, needs analysis, research methodology, communication, presentation and inter-disciplinary approaches. These knowledge will be useful when students work in groups to investigate the needs of organisations / groups of people and propose and present meaningful solutions and prototypes to meet the needs of their target group.

[7 Jan 2022] Important Updates about Returning to School on 10 Jan 2022

All Year 3 students are to report directly to class by 7.25am so that proceedings can start at 7.30am on Monday, 10 Jan 2022.

Your Form Teachers will be on hand to welcome you.

As we start the year well, please be reminded of the following:

  • To have a proper haircut, check your uniforms and white shoes & socks, stationary etc.

  • To bring your thermometers.

  • You are strongly encouraged to bring your TraceTogether token.

  • Have a spare umbrella ready, to share with someone in need. :)

After the introductory briefings and a welcome address by the Principal, the regular timetable will begin at 9.30am.

20220106-Updates for School Term in Jan 2022.pdf

[7 Jan 2022] Safe Management Measures

Dear Year 3s,

Here are some reminders about current Safe Management Measures:

  • Bring a working thermometer to school daily. Temperature will taken daily at assembly. Do not attend school if you are unwell/have a fever. Inform your Form Tutors.

  • Health Protocols. Please email your Form Tutors if you are not able to go to school due to health protocols.

  • Please inform your Form Tutors if you are still within the 2-week post vaccination period, and do not participate in strenuous physical activities.

  • You are strongly encouraged to carry your Trace-Together (TT) token (labelled with your name), with you at all times.